Joe Friday

My name is Joe Friday. I live in Greenville, NC and hunt the Pamlico Sound and take one or two trips to the Chesapeake Bay each year. I can hardly claim to be a carver. I feel more like a hacker of wood given my skill level. But I have made some decoys to fill my spread and have killed ducks as a result. This picture is of two plank decoys I made to fill out the fleet. The canvasback is a 1x8 basswood board with a tupelo head and pine keel. I haven't hunted it yet, but it floats well enough to be a filler. The bluebill drake is solid tupelo, with a pine keel. It floats high and has good visibility. I got the idea of plank decoys from a man named John Bourbon Jr.'s website. I'm happy so far with things. I also have about a half-dozen teal. I black duck and some more bluebills from the same tupelo. I obtained a tupelo stump from a lumber mill and cut it up with a chainsaw, hence I wound up with a lot of odd sized pieces. whatever works right?